Thursday, November 19, 2009

5 Years!

Wow - five years! That sounds like such a big milestone, but at the same time, sounds like nothing.  Five years? That's it? It feels like I've known Scott for a lifetime, & I've absolutely loved my time with him.  I know I'm a lucky girl to have him - blessed is probably a more appropriate word.

One of our first dates: Easter at my sister's in Utah

Married about six months later

Newlyweds in Mexico

at the Homestead in Utah - 1 year

Graduating the fire academy - 2 years

in Hawaii - 3 years

married 4 years & more blessed than we could have dreamed!

5 years!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!! we love you guys so much and wish we could live closer, one day, right?

    i loved the walk down memory lane, how fun!

    and i especially loved the quick, short history on Scott's hair. You can call it, "History of a Hairline"

    i kid because i care!

    oh and cuz my own hubby has the same sad tale!! :)

    again, we LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

  2. happy anniversary! hope its a good one! ~cait

  3. How wonderful! I remember you beautiful wedding. I can't believe that was 5 years ago! Congratulations!


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