Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hamming it Up

Will is such a ham, just like his dad. My mom was feeding him lunch, & he just started laughing for no reason other than to entertain her. He didn't think anything was particularly funny, he just liked watching her reaction & hearing the crazy sounds coming out of his mouth.



  1. I love his sweet little laugh, it is contagious!

  2. he's got me laughing! we need to hang out and do lunch or something since you're in town!

  3. I love it when babies get all crazy like that, I'm glad you caught it on film!
    oh yeah, I LOVE your family pictures...they have a lot of personality, really nice pictures!

  4. Too Cute! The cousins just laughed and laughed and asked to play it again. P.S. love the family pictures

  5. I love his laugh. He is honestly the cutest little boy !


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