Friday, September 18, 2009

Will Smith makes me want to dance

Okay, since being married, I've only been to one dance - & it really wasn't the greatest success (can you truly count it that way if it was only you & your husband on the dance floor? - seriously, we were the only ones out there).  I was trying to make Will happy yesterday, so I started dancing with/for him to Will Smith.  I forgot how catchy his songs are. It was so much fun breaking out the running man & roger rabbit, so my little guy could witness the classics :).  We both laughed together, & he's finally starting to bounce along with music (I swear I've been trying to teach him rhythm since the womb - that's important in my family). It felt so good when the choreography bug started coming back to me.  I haven't choreographed anything since high school, & nothing feels better than getting those creative juices flowing again.  I know I sound like a total dork right now, but I don't care.  I'm having fun pretending I have the same dancing skills I used to.  No shame! So, who wants to learn a dance & get a good workout in?  I'm desparate to dance again. If no one's interested, I'll try not to be offended ;) I'll just tell myself it's because no one checks my blog anymore now that I've changed addresses.  Everyone have a great day, & do me a favor - put a little Will Smith in & 'get jiggy wit it' - okay, it's official - I'm a total & complete dork.


  1. I wished you lived closer, I would love for you to teach me to dance. Yes, I hear it is a great workout. Will is lucky to have a great Mom that will teach him some great moves. Jut think that fist dance on his wedding day will not be a stressful event like it was for my husband.

  2. i would love to learn a dance but you aren't here:( so get your creative juices flowing and try out for SYTYCD already!!! you would be great!

  3. I'm definitely not good enough for SYTYCD. How often do you see the people auditioning doing the sprinkler? (I mean the people who are actually good.)

  4. Again with the girls I nanny! I love to dance with them. The youngest did turn the music on the other day and started dancing (she moved the chair over to the counter and then climbed up and turned on the ipod that was connected to the little radio) So the 3 of us started dancing.. it was so much fun!!!
    FYI - There are a few auditions phases you go through for SYTYCD before you get to the judges...

  5. you are a dork and i love it. if we lived closer i'd hit the dance floor with you. seriously, i was dancing with opal the other day and thought, AH! I'm dancing like a MOM!! what happened to the days of high school when i actually had the moves, right? haha. if you want to learn a fun one, check out the hoedown throwdown on youtube. it's from the hannah montana movie (don't worry, i' more of a dork than you are).
    and p.s. the fabric i used was just regular ol'100% cotton quilting fabric (i suppose). nothing fancy, i just liked the color and pattern.
    Happy Dancing!


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