Wednesday, September 16, 2009


William is 11-months-old today. 
He has 6 teeth, & I believe he is getting some more in (or at least I assume that's why he's biting everything & drooling like none other). He loves to sing along to Popcorn Popping, Itsy Bitsy Spider, & Old MacDonald - it doesn't matter what song I'm singing, he starts opening & closing his fists (like popcorn popping) & chanting/grunting in rhythm with the song.
He crawls all over the place (hence the scratched up knees).  He pulls himself up to standing & walks along the furniture.  He still loves taking his baths, but now he plays with the bath toys instead of just soaking everything around him with his splashing.
He loves to cuddle, drink from his bottle, eat whatever mama & daddy are eating, spin in circles on his bum, stare at the TV (I swear it's not on very often), & chase balls - you can't forget the chasing balls part. He is constantly climbing up the stairs while I chase after him - this, of course, only makes him want to climb stairs even more b/c my chasing him has apparently turned into a very funny game. He makes animal sounds, 'reads' books, spits his food out, tries to climb on the dishwasher door while I'm loading it, stares at the laundry spinning in the washer & dryer, 'helps' me cook (holding him while cooking so he won't cry), laughs whenever Scott & I laugh like he's in on the joke too . . . We are so blessed to have such a sweet & happy baby boy.
We love you William - thanks for coming into our lives.


  1. Will is a darling little boy! I can't even believe that he is soon going to be one years old, time goes my so quickly.

  2. cute!!! happy 11 month birthday william!!!


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