Sunday, September 27, 2009

Charlotte Wood Quilt Show

Yesterday, I went to the Charlotte Wood Quilt Show in Danville.  I'd never been to a quilt show before & honestly had never cared to go to one before my newfound quilting obsession.  Some of the quilts were incredible.  I was so sad that my camera kept flashing to change my battery pack, otherwise I would have taken more time to capture some of the amazing detail.

These quilts were some of my favorites:

I love these quilts just the way they are, but I also wonder what they would look like if they were done in some more funky, modern fabrics.

This quilt was so interesting & had a lot of detail.  There were so many squares in it to make up the background, & I especially loved the flowers at the top.  They were all sewn onto the front of the quilt with beautiful stitching around the petals.

I dragged Scott along with me (actually, I told him that we didn't have to go, but he insisted b/c he knew it would mean a lot to me - what a great guy, not many guys would stand to walk around looking at quilts for an hour just to make me happy).
I thought this quilt was my favorite until I turned the corner & saw the next one (but by then, I was lucky to be getting any pictures before my camera turned off, which is why I didn't make Scott take my picture with the next quilt).

My favorite one: The featured designer at the show was Sandy Klop (who Scott & I spent quite a bit of time talking to). She designs vintage fabrics & quilt patterns, & this one was my absolute favorite of hers (& the entire show).  This reminds me of a quilt that my great-grandmother Hazel made (that my mom now has hanging in her home).  I also love quilts with white - it's so fresh.  I think I might attempt a quilt like this one day - if I can get past the fact that I would have to cut out a lot of little pieces for it.

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