Friday, July 10, 2009

A Kick in the Rear if Nothing Else

Today, I had some girls over for a project/crafting day. We ate muffins & quiche & attempted to work on projects while the kids "played." (If anything else, it was fun to chat & was a kick in the rear to get projects going that would otherwise still be sitting on the shelf.)
Some of the gals (I know, I should have asked everyone to look at the camera, but didn't want to interrupt their conversation.) - Kelli, Lisa, Crystal (& McKay), & TammySome of the little girls: Maddie, Haylee, & Kailee
Will & his new buddy, StewartTiffani & Catherine reading to Carson & Jaxon
All the kids playing nicely - they really did a great job together, but next time, I think I'll schedule a day or time when husbands can watch the kids. That way, the ladies can get even more done.
Dylan, Haylee, Kailee, Jaxon, Maddie, Stewart, Will
It was great getting together with some girlfriends to chat, get to know each other better, & break up the normal routine that involves just Will & me (when Scott's working, that is). I can't wait for the next project day (if anyone's interested in coming, I'd love to have you, just let me know).


  1. What a great idea (especially about bringing quiches into the equation!!!) I love getting the girls together for good ol' chatting and eating... wish we lived closer so I can come join in!

  2. What fun! I wish I was into crafts or scrapbooking but I just never seem to have the space or time! Maybe when the kids are a little older!

  3. So... I want to see some of the projects that got done. Thanks for the nice little note, and I totally agree with what you said about the smiley face. I know it's a stretch, but sometimes I use the winking one. I just can't help it; I'm always so paranoid that people won't get when I'm joking around. Miss you! Let's dance.

  4. I was so bummed I missed that...I'm there the next time you have it!

  5. I want to come next time. Emily is 6, so she can babysit the little ones. :)

  6. HOw fun. I wished I lived closer - I need a kick in the rear! :)

  7. Thanks for having us over. It was a little crazy with all the kids but the company and the food was all you could ask for!


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