Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Day at the Library

Carson getting ready for singing time - he's SO excited! ;)
Will eating the bells (don't worry, they clean them):Gettin' jiggy wit it (wow, that sounds dated):Tiffani & Carson:Me w/ my thrilled baby boy - it was past Will's nap time, but he still did remarkably well:


  1. He is too cute! You are such a great mom! I have pictures of Tanner (my oldest) and I at story time when he was Will's age now Tanner is 5 years old and he loves listening to me tell him about our outings to the library when he was younger. Great job making special memories with Will.

  2. That's such a fun thing to do, i wish our story time was that cool (usually some weirdy lady who does crazy Gollum voice, from Lord of the Rings, whenever she can... ew)
    cute last pic!!!!


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