Monday, March 16, 2009

It felt so good to go to the gym today. I worked out with my personal trainer, Adam, & I really feel like I'm getting stronger. I don't want to look back on my life & regret not taking care of my body (of course I say this as I'm thinking about going downstairs & grabbing a homemade chocolate chip cookie - yummm - it's so hard to resist).
I've had such a hard time getting myself to work out. My motivation has been practically zero over the last 5 months. This last week, however, I'm really starting to get more motivated - maybe because we're getting closer to going to Mexico, & I want to be ready to wear my new swimsuit - it's a one piece with cutouts on the sides, showing off my "trouble" areas. I really need to slim those down before I head to the beach.
Scott & I are trying to change our habits. We want to create a home & family with healthy habits - physical, spiritual, emotional. We have a long way to go, but I know we can make positive changes in our home a few simple changes at a time. We're trying to be more consistent about going to the gym (it's convenient because they take babies in their childcare starting at 3-months-old, so we've been able to leave William in there while we work out). We're also trying to be more consistent with our family scripture study - 15 minutes a day is our new goal.
There are so many things I need to improve on. I need to be better about cleaning the house - it's so easy to let things get out of control. I also need to make meal plans & follow through with preparing homemade meals - they are so much healthier & the cost is a lot lower than eating out.

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