Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Positive Test Results!!!? An Account of my experience being pregnant thus far

I got my HCG test results back from Dr. Winters this morning. Monica, a nurse from the infertility clinic, called me to confirm that I am pregnant. Dr. Winters, however, wants me to take another blood pregnancy test tomorrow to see how the levels of HCG have changed since yesterday. If all is going well, the levels should be close to double the number they were for my first test. My HCG level was 571. Monica said this was normal, but I wonder if it might be considered high. I researched HCG a lot today, and one resource (webmd) said that between 4-5 weeks (gestational), the count should be 50-500. I will be 5 weeks along on Friday. I still may be close enough to five weeks, however, that 571 may truly be normal. 5-6 weeks, the level is supposed to be between 100-10,000. If my level of HCG is high, this could mean that I may be carrying multiples, it could be a molar pregnancy (a mass of stuff that's not really a baby), or the baby could have down syndrome. Looking at HCG levels is not very accurate though because they are different in every woman. I won't have a better idea of what's going on until I have an ultrasound. I hope and pray everything's normal (I'm okay if normal consists of multiples) and going well.

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