Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Goodbye Grandpa

This morning, my mom called me with the news that my grandfather had died. Over the last few years, I have expected to hear this news, or at least tried to prepare myself for when it happened. Even though it was hard for him to get around, and his mind wasn't always clear, he still seemed very healthy, so it was still a shock to me when I found out that he was gone, even with him being 94 years old.

Pictures from my wedding.

My grandpa was such a sweet man. He always called me "Elizabeth" (with the emphasis on "beth"), thinking that it made me happy to hear it pronounced that way. Apparently when I was a little girl I used to laugh when he said it this way.

He loved nature. He loved to look at trees and the different bark and leaves on all of them. He also loved birds. He had many bird feeders around his home in Castro Valley (before moving in with my parents). He had bird books and loved listening to the different songs they sang.

He did oil paintings, probably believing quantity (he painted many of them) was better than quality (although many of them were quite good).

Whenever he shuffled down the hallway on his walker, he would always glance in the family room, and if anyone was in there, he would stop for a while with a slightly goofy and loving grin on his face.

He loved children. Even though he never had children of his own, he still treated Grandma's five children like his own, as well as all of their children and grandchildren. As I've mentioned before, he loved children so much, that many times recently, he still asked grandma if they could have a baby.

Even though I will miss my grandfather very much, I know he is so happy to be with his first love, Margarite. He now has a clear mind and can walk freely again. I love you grandpa, and thank you for loving me.


  1. liz- sure sorry to hear about your grandpa. although he'll be missed it sounds like he led a long and wonderful life. :)
    love, ashly

  2. We'll be thinking of you. Take Care.

  3. You and your family will be in our prayers! Take care of yourself. It was great seeing you guys again! We love you guys;)

  4. oh sweet carl...well, we know he's in good company up there! i'm happy for him but it must be hard. such a sweet post. love you! hope all is well.

  5. I think I just met him...we know that he is in a better place but that never makes it easier to handle. Thinking of you and your family.

  6. I love what you had to say, and I LOVE your pictures. I really, really, really want a copy of the one of Grandpa with Sarah and Cole.

  7. You are so amazing and you write so well. This post made me cry.

    By the way, will you send me your email address?

  8. I liked it when Carl would call me Barbara. Hope you're doing well, can't wait to see you soon!

  9. Elizabeth, This tribute that you've written to your grandfather's memory, is vibrant, alive and poignant.

    You have a truly loving and insightful heart. Splendid!

    We are sad that your family is hurting and like you, we have great hope.

    Lots of Love and support from us to all of your family members.

    SD Perryman

  10. Sorry to hear about your loss Liz. It seams the kirk family has experianced a lot of that too lately. Isn't it great to know the plan so we can be optamistic during times like these. We love you. Those are beautiful pictures, you should add one to your wall!


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