Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Two of my friends and I co-decided to start having a ladies Bunco Night once a month. There are 12 girls who will regularly come, with a different person hosting it each month (If you can't come one month, you find a sub to take your place). Tonight was the first month, and we had the party at Cherrie Mead's house (of course when I have something to blog about, I forget to take my camera). It was so fun getting to know a bunch of new people. Plus, there were prizes for the winner, the loser, and the person who got the most Buncos (I was trying to keep anyone from witnessing my extremely competitive side, so I tried really hard to act like I didn't care if I won - which is of course a lie. Who doesn't like winning? And besides, I've really had to tone down my competitveness after marrying Scott. He won't play games with me because I usually win - except for Yahtzee - the skill in that game is very limited, so he'll play that with me any time). Anyway, there's nothing like a fun game night to look forward to every month, and I can't wait for the next one!


  1. It was so much fun! I especially loved how feminine all the decor and dice were. I can't wait until next month.

  2. The only reason COMPETITIVE Scott won't play with you is because he is getting his tail whipped! He beleives he's Mr Competition so she does not like to loose! Good Job Liz.. Kick @$$!

    Joy's doing photo albums: Yannick turned 23 this month and not one of his photos is in an album: Well we just found some photos of Scott as boy and a younger man, that we will bring to you...he really is cute after all!

    SD Perryman's

  3. I absolutely WILL remember our deal! Don't worry, I have been keeping my ears open for good name ideas! Hahaha... I want to move there so bad!!

  4. I have heard about this. I need figure this out! Do you do traveling to say maybe, um, tehachapi to teach me how to play!


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