Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tacky Sweater Party

Last night, Scott and I were invited to a tacky sweater party and ornament exchange (yes, the ornaments were tacky too). There was an ugly sweater contest, and Scott came in second place - probably because he wasn't really wearing a sweater - just a sequins woman's shirt and a Christmas vest with a 3-D snowman on it (apparently this wasn't tacky enough).

Randy and Cherrie: She won the contest. She added the eyes and a red nose to her sweater to make it look like Rudolph - it was pretty horrible.

Troy and Janice: These two were hilarious. There was never a dull moment with them. Their ornaments were hilarious, but I probably shouldn't say what they were because it may not be appropriate. However, I can say they were homemade and very creative. Jillian was the host of the party. She just recently moved into our ward and is so much fun.


  1. What a great idea! We think we should have a tacky sweater contest when we get together.. We have the perfect "prize"

  2. I saw the picture before I read any of what you wrote, and I was horrified at your sweater! Sheryl happened to be here at the same time and had to come over and see what I'd gasped out loud about. Truly hideous. Your hair still looks cute.

  3. What a festive party! I must say that everyone, with the exception of Scott looks pretty normal in their holiday get-up. Love your shoes.

  4. Liz and Scotty-

    I loooove the sweaters. It sounds like you have a great group of fun friend in your ward. That is awesome. Scott I really do not thing your attire is considered a sweater but it is pretty cool.

    Liz, I just read your last post. The blog is always a great place to vent. There always come times in our life when we have to make difficult decisions. Both may be right and we may never know. But I do know what ever choice we make if it is righteous you will be watched over and blessed. I have realized that your own health is more important then your child's. You have to be healthy so you can take care of your baby. That is my advice. I hope it helps in some way, but I am sure you and scott together will find your answer.
    Much love,

  5. I always said Liz looks great no matter what she has on! If you can look good in that sweater, I rest my case!

  6. fun! i want to come next year...i have a pretty good one (with puffy paint and bells on it). you look darling!


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