Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Vacation: California to Oregon

Christmas is always such a crazy time for us: 1. Christmas is always crazy with presents, family, dinners, Christmas breakfast, 2. Scott's birthday is Christmas Eve, and 3. my birthday is Christmas day.

Scott and I started out our Christmas vacation by going down to Danville for a few days. There was constantly family over at my parent's house (cousins, siblings) - it was wonderful. The first night that we got there, my mom had sugar cookies lined up on the counter for us to decorate. Scott's were the most popular for reasons you will see (pictures hopefully coming soon - I forgot to take my camera, so I need to wait to get the pictures from my brother). He decorated three gingerbread boys wearing speedos/thongs - he also gave one lucky one a hairy chest - don't worry, the other ones got nipples.

The next morning, my grandmother, Sammie, put his masterpieces on a platter with a sign saying, "Chippendales." She then put a $1 bill on the platter, making it look like it was tucked into one of the cookies drawers.

My mom made an amazing carrot cake for Scott's 28th birthday - she put his sugar cookies on top of it as decoration. We used the same cake for my 24th birthday the following night, but removed the cookies.

After Danville, we drove up to Oregon to be with Scott's family. His sisters, Karen and Michelle, live up there with their families, so everyone congregated up there this year (It was the first time his family had all been together since our wedding three years ago). It usually takes five hours to get to their homes from ours, but because of the weather and traffic, it took us eight hours. It was a very long trip, but worth it once we got there.

At the race track.YannickJoy and Mark (his lips look pretty real, don't they? of course minus the fact that they're abnormally huge here!)Allyssa-Rae, Karen, Michelle, Nikki (sp?)Thalia-Rae is on a mission in New York right now, but we made sure to include her in as many things as possible.My husband - the model (I think I'm pretty lucky - plus our kids are going to be really attractive - how could they not be?)Barbie and AbbygailJoy's competitive nature coming out.Yannick and Josh: battling . . . Mark and KaylaJoy looks so innocent in this picture. She didn't know she'd been caught on film attacking her nephew (as previously shown).Nikki with Allyssa-Rae's J-Lo hat.Apparently, Dennis has had this hat since the creation of the world - maybe even before that.Karen, Gail, Dennis, Michelle, my hubby, and MarkTop Row: me, Scott, Michelle, Josh, Barbie, Thalia-Rae, Gail, Dennis, Abbygail, Yannick

Bottom Row: Ben, Allyssa-Rae, Karen, Kayla, Noelle, Jessie, Joy, Mark, Nikki, Kyle


  1. Yeah!! Thanks for the pictures I kept checking back to see if they were up yet. Scott looks so young with his hat on backwards, I'm having a teenage flashback. You're right about the modeling picture, no matter who your kids take after they will be lookers for sure. I glad that you had fun with all of the family despite the long drive.

  2. Scott is very modelesque, he should pose for a firefighter calendar...then Ben can hang it in his office! :)

  3. Liz, thanks for adding these pictures to your blog! Being in Palm Desert, CA and not up there with the family, these pictures brought everyone closer to us. Y'all look great!

    Love cousin Linda


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