Friday, August 24, 2007


Earlier today, my brother Brad came up to Folsom Lake to take a youth group out on his boat. He arrived a few hours before any of the kids or other leaders got there, so he invited Scott and me to go wakeboarding with him. Note: I haven't been wakeboarding in eight years. This is partly from not having many opportunities, but mostly from a hurt back.
Scott getting ready to get in the water. He came straight from work, so he was pretty tired. It's so nice that he has the type of job where he can go out on the boat on a Friday morning.

My brother, Brad

No jumping for me. I was just glad to get up. I'm actually surprised there are any pictures of me standing, since I was in the water most of the time. I could only get up with my left foot leading, but once I was up, I wanted the right foot in front. It was confusing trying to sort out my ambi-foot thing. One time after falling, I got stuck on my stomach and couldn't flip the board over. I felt like a crab when it's stuck on its back. I was laughing so hard and trying desperately to keep my head above the water so I didn't drown. I looked like a complete idiot . . . but a funny one.

The water, by the way, was so warm! The thermometer on the boat said it was 80 degrees both in the water and outside.
Scott attempting to barefoot-ski. It's been a long time since he's tried.

This is Scott after he failed at barefoot-skiing. You can somewhat see his feet through the spray, and his sandals are flying in the air. He did a full flip before landing in the water.


  1. Wow, that looks awesome, Liz! I have never wake boarded before, but I totally want to try it now!t

  2. Go Liz! Next time, we'll see you flipping, right?

  3. Way to go! Wakeboarding is a lot of hard work.

  4. What fun! That sounds like a blast. I have spent a few times on a boat with Scott and he is a good wake boarder. Now Liz you remind me of me. I spend most of my time in the water and then the rest trying to recover from crashes.

  5. Looking good! Wake boarding is a lot harder than it looks.

  6. Liz I do the same thing about switching my feet-- it's awkward once your up, but feels great in the water. Next time try a "pop" a little just and switch feet, you can do it! You look great. Your house is beautiful! And your new hair is SO cute. I want to cut mine too! your friend Cait's hair is SO fun, too. where does she get hers done? i hope you remember me and don't mind that i surf your blog. :) take care

  7. Scott is always "trying to be like Jesus." Nice bent legs. Good form Lizzy.

  8. Scott dude you are so "BUFFED"

    SD Perryman


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