Thursday, August 30, 2007

Remodeling Progress

We have slowly been able to put our home back together after Scott's floor demolishing party last week (this party I speak of included . . . just him). Let me start from the last place we left off.

Scott finished taking the tile out of the entry and the guest bathroom. The nightmare wasn't in taking the tile out, but in chiseling off the thin set from the concrete floor. Yes, that is the toilet in the shower behind Scott.

This is me attempting to scrape up the rest of the carpet pad that was glued down to the floor. Apparently I didn't do a good enough job, so when Scott's parents got here on Monday, Gail got down on her hands and knees and redid what I tried to do. It looked much better when she was finished. (Pardon the scandalous tank top.)
Scott's dad, Dennis, spread this bubblegum-pink stuff on our floor that's supposed to keep the tile from cracking with the foundation as the house settles. It dried a rancid red . . . Pretty.

These are the tools that we used to get the thin set off. There were four of us working on it (Gail, our friends Tiffani and Andrew Morgan, and me) for a total of about three hours (That doesn't include the time that Gail and I worked on it earlier). We still didn't finish after all that time, and it wasn't even a very big space. Gail hit her hand so many times with the hammer that it was swollen and black and blue. She's such a trooper!

After the above mentioned amount of time we spent getting the thin set up, our neighbor from two doors down came by with this tool. He plugged it in, and within five minutes, the thin set in the entry was all up. We were shocked, wanting to cry in pain at having spent so much time at a task that ended up being pointless, as well as for joy at not having to chisel away chunks of mud from the floor anymore.

Andrew, Tiffani, and Scott taking turns with the relief party

Laying tile in the living room.

Laying tile in the dining room. The rag is hanging from the chandelier, so they won't stand up underneath it and hit their heads.

The living room: All that's left are the edges of the room. Dennis has to do all the cuts for that while Scott lays the tile.

The hallway and dining room.

The entryway - connected to the dining room.
Gail sweeping so Scott can lay tile. She's such a hard worker and always has a smile on her face.

Dennis cutting tile. Cool apron, huh? It's a trash bag that keeps the water from the tile saw off of him. It looks like an obscure kilt.


  1. is looking really nice! Scott must feel so good getting projects done.

  2. It's going to look so nice! How lucky that Scott doesn't work a standard 9-5 job so you guys have time to fix up your house (even though it looked perfectly fine before!). I think I'm due for a visit in a few months. And maybe I'll bring a friend.

  3. Having the right tools for the job definitely helps. Hopefully, that three hours at least built up some muscle! It's looking good.

  4. it looks so good liz! someday im going to need to learn how to do that!

  5. All of your hard work is paying off, the floors look great! Our trips will have to wait because Carson has all of a sudden decided that he doesn't want to take a bottle I'm kind of on a leash.

  6. This is the first time I noticed your pretty picture above the fireplace. I LOVE that picture!


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