Friday, January 25, 2013

365 | week 2 | shadows & hiking & sickness - oh my!

January 9/Day 9:
-Still sick today, but not nearly as bad as the day before.
-Will & Ruby had a waffle picnic on the stairs.
-Will started singing, "Drop it, drop it low girl. Dropt it, drop it low girl." while sitting in front of the sofa playing with his cars. I think I might need to reevaluate playing Zumba music in front of him. Hilarious! & so perfectly innocent.

January 10/Day 10:
-A wonderful, sunny day.
-I see the world a little differently sometimes.

January 11/Day 11:
-We need to find new knobs to replace the current ones on our entertainment center. The're all starting to break.
-Went on a walk in the woods today. I brought the tripod with me, so we could get some family pictures. It was so much fun having Will push the shutter & come running towards us to get in the picture in time. Love his enthusiasm for photography.

January 12/Day 12:
-Ruby loves to cuddle after waking from her nap. It's even more special when daddy's home to be with her.

January 13/Day 13:
-Nana & Papa drove home from Utah last night & spent the night with us. It was so good to see them.
-We/ve all had pretty nasty colds lately.

January 14/Day 14:
-For "school" today, we read The Snowy Day & went "sledding" down the stairs in sleeping bags. Will has found a new favorite thing to do.

January 15/Day 15:
-Caught up on laundry.
-We rolled out butcher paper, & Will made different tracks by painting with his feet. (Day 2 of The Snowy Day)
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  1. Love these Liz!! I especially like the waffles on the stairs, the inverted shadow, and your selfie.

  2. You are truely talented and what a fun Mom you are!

  3. What great images…I really love your take on shadows. so striking!

  4. these are great!! i love your selfie.


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