Wednesday, January 9, 2013

365 | just another week

Day 2 - It's shopping day, & I was determined to keep to the list & not buy a bunch of extras. I always spend too much at the grocery store! Will kept busy on my phone playing Angry Birds, & Ruby spent the whole time munching on a free cookie from the bakery. We were all much happier this way.

Day 3: Daddy comes home from work. Hallelujah!!!

Day 4: "Some Bunny Loves You;" It's always a treat when Grandma & Grandpa come to visit; Making charred green beans - some of my favorite!

 Day 5: We took a trip down to Modesto to have dinner with some of Scott's PA friends from Stanford.

Day 6: Sunday, our calm day. We love snuggling on the sofa as a family. (I heart that bum.)

Day 7: Grandma & Grandpa went home today, so we spent a very casual day around the house.

Day 8: I woke up sick last night, so I spent much of the day lying around & attempting to read. You know you're not feeling well when you can't even muster the engergy for that much. Scott stayed home from work to take care of the kids while I rested (slept) pretty much all day.

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  1. I love these pictures! Ruby is beautiful. So is my boy

  2. Loved all these!! Especially the shopping one! That isle was bustling with people! I'm always timid to bust the camera out in busy settings like that! Way to go!

  3. That image of grandma with your son touches my heart. Love the dinner in Modesto shot. I have family living in Modesto. Sorry to hear that you have been sick. Sending you get well thoughts!

  4. hope you are feeling better! there is something about a photo in a grocery cart that i love. combination of those colorful shelves and the cart full of kids and groceries. it just screams "mom". i love it. and the ones with grandma and grandpa are also lovely. so fun to sneak a peak into your week.

  5. What great images of your week…love the shot of daddy playing after work!

  6. love the 'daddy coming home' shots! so sweet how the kids get so excited for that! my daughter told her teacher "daddy is coming home tonight" with so much excitement her teacher thought daddy had been deployed overseas. i had to explain that, nope, daddy comes home every night, she's just super excited about that. :-)


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