Saturday, November 10, 2012

10 on 10 | november

pruning trees:

and wishing she were outside to help:



you'd think it was spring:

waiting for my friend for lunch & a book discussion:

up from her nap & ready to go:

played too hard to stay awake on our way to get a treat:

my latest obsession - Hawaiian shaved ice:

in strawberry & grape:

so much to see outside 'Snotopia':

on our way home:

Continue the 10 on 10 circle with the incredible Renee Bonuccelli


  1. oh, i have missed you liz, and i am very happy to see you back, to see your loving and honest images. that book haunted me like so few others could have. it represented the human condition on so many levels. i love your beautiful mess so much. embrace it and continue to go easy on yourself. you have the most wonderful soul.

  2. Dear Lis so nice seeing "you" again. I love your beautiful mess too! love the way you capture it. The way you make us be there with you through your images. beautiful

  3. Love your 10 on 10 this month :) That hawaiian shaved ice looks AMAZING delicious!

  4. Your nail polish color, the pic of your girl against the window, your tuckered out william... love it all.


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