Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 on 10 | may

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."
- Robert Brault

morning shower.

ruby. checking under the hood of the car with Will.

crack in the radiator. car needs to be towed.

pretty girl "chasing" butterflies. she's so close to crawling & can go from a laying down to sitting position now. her newest trick is clapping.

lunch & snuggles.

nap time. sleepy girl.

i spy my william.

laundry time.

beautiful, warm day.

in the yard.

time out.

sweet thing.

bedtime according to my phone. (i really need to get a tripod & remote clicker thing.)

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  1. Liz, as always I love the glimpse into your day. Ruby is getting so big!! I love all the little moments. that last one of you all in bed..too sweet!

  2. Love this Liz, a wonderful day full of cute kids :) Really love that shot of nap time, it's too cute!

  3. liz, i really adore the many perspectives you are able to achieve, with such intimacy, tenderness, subtlety and affection. so many of these are so beautiful by themselves...the shower, your sweet girl rubbing her sleepy eyes, every tiny detail...and yet they flow and so honestly and wonderfully tell a story. i love your style, the love with which you photograph your family, how you let them be who they are, and find the right way to share it. there is a big piece of you that shines through, and it's lovely.

  4. Hi Liz! So glad to have joined the group with you. Love the story of your day. Even the not so great parts of the story, like having the car towed and being in time out, still have to be told and you've done it so beautifully. That's life! My favorite is the lunch and snuggles picture. I can feel how sleepy she is through my computer and how happy she is snuggled up on mom's lap.

  5. I adore the first photo!! And your daughter totally is the sweetest thing, how cute is she when she sleeps!

  6. Liz, these are awesome!! i love your processing and you have such a great eye for the little details of the day.

  7. Oh Liz, thi sis beautiful. As always =) That last image is absolutely breathtaking. Love them!!!!

  8. Liz ~ beautiful post! So many touching, heart-warming moments that you captured and can now cherish forever... Minus the car being towed, of course. LOL


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