Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ruby's baby blessing

Over this last weekend, we had a full house with all the family & friends who came to support us for Ruby's baby blessing.

Allyssa-Rae & Ruby - - - Scott & me

the men having lunch together

Aunt Marilynn made some beautiful beanies for Will & Ruby.

Allyssa-Rae & Kayla - - - me with my sweet little girl after her blessing

my brother Rich with Ruby - - - my sister Susan bedazzled Ruby's blessing shoes before sending the gown & acsessories to us. Ruby also received a pretty little bracelet from my mom.

all the wonderful men in Ruby's life (with the exception of a couple who had to leave early)
my dad, Dennis, Brad, Mark
Steven, Scott & the babe, Dwight, Rich

relaxing with my baby while my big boy runs around with his friends & cousins

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