Saturday, November 5, 2011

my first photo shoot & a nature walk

I have contemplated getting into photography for quite a few years now. I think the huge amount of photographers out there, many who are my friends, has made me question whether or not my own skills (or lack thereof) would really be valuable to anyone. And I was scared of stepping on anyone's toes who thought I could possibly be infringing on their hobby or business.
(I know . . . lame of me to think that.) 

It wasn't until this last week, when I finally decided to brave a photo shoot of my beautiful niece, that I thought I might actually have the determination & courage to put myself out there & start working on this - after all, it's something I love to do, so why let fear get in the way of my trying?
Life's too short for that.

After finishing my photo shoot with Allyssa-Rae, I was on a high & immediately wanted to try again. I asked my great friend, Tiffani, if I could take some maternity pictures of her as well. She said yes, so yesterday, I went on a little excursion to get some ideas for her pictures, & it turned into a beautiful & peaceful nature walk.


  1. Oh liz!!! These make me want to see the rest of the pictures!! They are all soooo good!!! I love them!!!1

  2. Great job Liz! How exciting! I'm so happy for you that you are putting yourself out there! It's scary at first but will totally pay off:) I still remember you were my first session ever!!

  3. She is the beautifulest pregnant person ever.

  4. There's always room for the developing and sharing of talents! Beautiful work!

  5. Awesome! The picture where she's sitting and looking down at her cute belly is beautiful!

  6. Having Kelli as my sister, I'm kind of critical when it comes to pictures, but wow, you are amazing! Seriously, you are so much better than dozens of "professional" photographers I know. You've got a talent!


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