Monday, October 24, 2011

Will turns 3!

Our little boy turned three last week! How is that possible?!! It amazes me how fast time is moving, & it just seems to spin faster & faster.

Since Scott had to work on Will's actual birth-day last Sunday, we postponed celebrating until Wednesday. We originally planned to take Will to different places around town to ride the train at the outdoor mall, play at the park, pick out a treat at a bakery . . . but once we got in the car, we changed our plans to make the day more out of the ordinary for him - we took him to the Sacramento Zoo (a first for all of us, & we had a blast!). 

Will ran from one thing to the next, making it difficult to even keep up with him. He was so excited to see all the many different animals. He finally settled down while sticking his head through the cardboard safari cutout b/c the train made its appearance while going around the zoo. He was enthralled by it, & had a look of such pure happiness on his face as it passed by.

As we prepared to leave the zoo, Will climbed up on a fence to look at some monkeys. I started taking some pictures (I know, even more - like I didn't already have enough) when he stepped down, lost his balance & fell backwards, smacking his head on the pavement. He was bawling, & when he finally calmed down enough to gasp some words out, he kept pointing at the cage & repeating, "Monkey hurt me. Monkey hurt me." How do you reason with a three-year-old that the monkey didn't push him or hit him, but that he just fell? It only made things worse that about a month ago, while we were downstairs in the kitchen, he heard a loud boom upstairs & got completely freaked out. He kept saying, "Monkey go boom upstairs." I don't know where this whole monkey fear came from, but he had nightmares for a couple nights following that. So of course it had to be monkeys he was looking at when he fell down & hurt himself. If only it could have been another animal. He still talks about the monkeys hitting him & making  him bonk his head. 

After leaving the zoo, we crossed the street to spend some time at Fairytale Town
(not nearly as cool as the zoo).

For Will's birthday dinner & dessert, we had Mickey Mouse waffles with whipped cream.
Talk about a happy kid! 

We had an awesome day celebrating Will's birth into our family. We are so grateful for him & love him more than we thought possible to love a child.

Happy Birthday Mister!


  1. I can't believe that he is 3!!! He is so big. The Sacramento zoo looks like so much fun. Happy Birthday Will.

  2. Is that the monkey that hurt him? hahaha Give that sweet boy 3 big kisses from his aunt Susu (and Ruby Jane too)

  3. Great pictures Liz!!! Happy birthday William!,


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