Saturday, October 8, 2011

our goings on according to my phone

Scott & Will take a lot of naps together. Will is such a daddy's boy, & I think the new baby has made it even more that way.

Will & I went to the park last week while Scott was at work. I met up with some friends & their kids while their husbands were at the priesthood session of conference. Will particularly loved playing with the trucks in the sand.

Will & Baby Ruby - he pesters her a lot, but she doesn't usually seem to mind. She shares most of her smiles with him.

I was sick earlier this week (I think from being overly tired), & I woke up to notes from Scott that he scattered throughout the house before going off to work for the next couple days. They were in the fridge, on the cereal box, in the car, & I finally saw this one while getting ready for bed. It made me especially happy.

Pictures never do a beautiful sky justice, especially when taken with a phone. This was taken after the rain had recently stopped. The clouds & light shining through them were incredible.

Will likes to get ready with me in the morning. He loves to put on my headbands, but was extra pleased when I put a rubberband in his hair. He couldn't stop staring at himself.

Today, Scott, Will, Ruby & I went to Costa Vida to meet up with one of Scott's friends from PA School. I sat in the car before going in to feed Ruby her lunch. There's something so gratifying about being able to offer nourishment to your child. I'm so glad that I've been able to nurse this time around without any sickness (keeping fingers crossed that it stays that way).

Love her little shoes.


  1. I am so glad that everything is going well with nursing. And I love her shoes. They are so cute.

  2. I have totally become that person that only knows what happened by looking back at pictures taken with the phone. And I LOVE how their little hands grab at you when they're nursing, it is the sweetest and quite possibly my favorite thing right now. I'm going to be in Danville from the 20-27, can Ruby and Jane have a play date?


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