Sunday, August 7, 2011

enjoying some chalk art

When I went to the grocery store this week, I couldn't help myself when I saw some sidewalk chalk on sale for $0.50. What better way to keep Will occupied & out of the house while not feeling guilty about my inability to chase him around & play with him? He had a great time, & it took up such a large chunk of the day w/o being in front of the TV - always a good thing!

even his turtle got a little makeover

Will also kept getting distracted by a big fat lizard in our yard. That thing is making out really well with all the bugs & spiders we have in the rock wall. I'm grateful something is helping control the "buggie" nastiness. Plus it's fun to watch Will chase it around - that thing is fast.


  1. Great photos! Could we take Will for you tomorrow for a couple of hours in the morning? I am sure he and Carson would have fun playing together. Let me know I would be happy to swing by and pick him up in the AM.

  2. I love chalk. Max has so much fun with it, but now Chloe tries to eat it so he cant play with it as much as he would like. It looks like you guys had a blast at your family reunion. Love all the pictures that you took

  3. Love the photos -- Will is growing up so fast!! Wanted to congratulate you on the new addition. hope you are feeling well and I'm looking forward to seeing Ruby Jane pics soon.
    Take care!


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