Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ward BBQ

Yesterday, Will & I went to the Ward BBQ where we hung out with friends, ate some amazing food, & played with plants, balls, & mud.

Will kept disappearing behind a little hill to play with some dirt & plants. I don't know why he kept going off to be by himself, but he seemed plenty happy, so I wasn't about to interfere.

And of course when it came time to eat, he wouldn't eat anything besides a hot dog bun & chips. I even tried coaxing him with some really good jello salad, but he wouldn't have anything to do with it. Oh well . . . he'll eventually try something new, right?

Will probably spent the majority of his time playing with a big green ball - rolling on top of it, kicking it, trying to throw it over the volleyball net. He made some great friends this way.

Will & Hunter (one of my primary students from last year - an aweseome kid)

Will moved on to play with Aaron, but then had a meltdown when he got duped out of his ball.

playing with some nursery buddies - Avery & Mason (twins in the back), & Jenna & Will #2 (also named for William Wallace :)

We had such a great time going to the BBQ. I always stay home when things like this are going on b/c I don't want to brave it without Scott, but I finally decided that my whole life was going to be like this, so I'd better learn to do things on my own - not only for myself, but so Will can have these opportunities to make friends as well.


  1. Good for William. He is not needy and he knows how to have fun alone.

    Go baby.

    Wa Perrymans

  2. Adorable photos! I enjoyed visiting with you at the BBQ.

  3. I'm so glad you did! It was a fun BBQ.


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