Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Punta Mita, Mexico - final days


The boys woke up early Tuesday morning to go deep sea fishing while the ladies slept in & had a very lazy day by the pool (too lazy, actually). After the boys got back from their escapade, we all got in-home massages & spent the rest of the day relaxing.

(pic taken by Andrew)

(pic taken by Andrew)

Andrew, Eric, Sean & Scott


This was probably my favorite day in Mexico. We drove to Kupuri Beach where we spent the day snorkeling, reading, bobbing in the waves (you could walk out so far & still only have the water come up to your chest), & boogie boarding.
yay for another belly shot, even if it is from a distance

After coming back to the house, cleaning up & eating the delicious snacks that Francisco & Reina made for us (homemade salsas & guac), we headed out to Restaurant Row for dinner.

I guess I should also mention here that Francisco & Reina come to the house every day & pamper us. Reina cleans & cooks while Francisco cooks, drives us anywhere we want to go, & takes care of absolutely anything we could want or need, & patiently tries to teach us Spanish. They are incredible!
(pic taken by Tiffani)


After eating another amazing breakfast made by Francisco & Reina, we headed off to Puerto Vallarta for a day of shopping. We planned to be there for about 3 hours, but since the bus (which we insisted on taking instead of having Francisco drive us all the way into town) ended up taking forever, we only ended up with about one hour to hurry & find our souvenirs for the kids.  We ended up buying William a Mexico soccer uniform & maracas & bought the Little Lady a beautiful embroidered dress once she's made her debut.

such a pretty church in downtown Puerto Vallarta


For our last full day in Mexico, we couldn't resist going back to Kupuri Beach for more relaxing & boogie boarding. The waves were much bigger this time around, & I'm pretty sure we all fell victim to them at one point or another - salt water up the nose & in the back of your throat are never fun.

Robin & Eric

Liz D - - - Tiffani & me (who says pregnant women can't boogie board? you just have to turn a little sideways & then can't complain when your belly drags in the sand to slow you down at the end)

Scott & Andrew

After finishing our day at the beach, we went home for our last Francisco & Reina made lunch, rested for a bit, & then went to our favorite restaurant, Anclote, on Restaurant Row (the fajitas & drinks were so good!).


After packing everything up & taking a couple last minute pictures, Francisco drove us to Bucerias to do some last minute shopping before going to the airport. We scored on a bunch of great items at the outdoor market & were so happy to redeem our shopping day in Puerto Vallarta a few days before.

We had such a great time & hope to do this again in the near future.

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  1. wow, what an amazing vacation... i'm totally envious!!! the photos are all so beautiful and you look fabulous (soo cute with your wee bump!)

    what a great trip, thanks for sharing (i'm living vicariously through ya right now!)


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