Wednesday, May 11, 2011

11 May - all things coming together

After feeling like my head's been spinning in circles over the last couple weeks, things finally seem to be coming together.

I'm over halfway finished with Will's quilt . . .

I got a new runner for my kitchen, & I love it. It looks so fresh & oh the cushioning on my feet - beautimous . . .

Will's mind has been like a sponge, & he is impressing me so much every day with how smart he is - he "sings" along with Tangled's "Mother Knows Best" (hand actions & all), sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" & his ABC's, helps in the garden & chases buggies, jumps naked from the rock wall in our backyard (every smart boy does this, right?), & reads books to me (& his grandparents over the phone or Skype). He is at such a fun age, & I'm just loving every moment of him (minus the scratching problem we're still having, but let's not focus on that right now).

Love this boy (. . . & my new rug he's playing on)!

And the Little Lady is growing & growing. She likes playing peek-a-boo with my feet.
Where'd they go? . . . There they are (barely).

24 weeks today.


  1. Video with William doing his singing? Photo with you in styling maternity wear maybe? Your toes look great (:-.

    Exited to catch up this weekend.

    Wa Perrymans

  2. How do you get the comments to not read Joy said at the beginning?

  3. Joy - you'll have to talk to Scott about getting maternity pics of me. This was the best self-portrait I could do. And you'll most likely have to wait & see the singing in person. It's hard enough to post anything at all, let alone taking a video too. :)


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