Friday, February 25, 2011

Monterey Part I

Last month/the beginning of this month, I went down to Monterey with my family for a week. We had such a great time playing at the beach & park, & chasing seaguls. Scott came down for the last couple days (his first vacation since finishing school).

Will & Papa

Chasing the seaguls - this kid was on a mission to catch one of them
(hence all the pictures of him running)!

looking at hermit crabs with Nana

Timmy, Zach & Will playing Nintendo DS.

A beautiful day at the beach!

I love their matching footprints - Will is such a mini-Scott.


  1. What great shots, so much love in these photos. Wonderful to get some updates!

  2. Very cool! Glad to see Scott out and about now. Come visit sometime!

  3. Adorable photos of Will...he is getting so grown up looking!

  4. How fun! So glad Scott was able to come relax too!


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