Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Start of a New Year - Planting Flowers in the Rain?

I was so excited last night because today was going to be the day I finally planted my Christmas Cyclamens (who doesn't have aspirations for the New Year)!!! Well, when I woke up this morning, I wasn't counting on the rain (that's what I get for staying cooped up in the house all day yesterday & not paying attention to the weather - but hey, the kid's sick, & I didn't want to get dressed - go ahead, judge me ;).  I looked out the sliding glass door & grudgingly thought I could put off planting the flowers a little longer, but I kept looking at my to-do list, & it really bothered me not to check something off of it! So I put Will (still in his jammies with a snotty nose) into his new rain boots & rain coat, grabbed our shovels, & we headed outside (the rain had stopped, but it was still soggy & wet . . . & cold). 

I couldn't find my gardening gloves (I bet you wouldn't have ever guessed I had gardening gloves to begin with since our front yard looks like crap, & I haven't touched it in who knows how long!), so I just dug in with my shovel & hands & determined to get those beautiful flowers into my dirt/clay as fast as possible (did I mention it was super cold out, & my hands were shaking? I guess that's just the price you pay for attempting to be the World's Best Homemaker/Domestic/Wife/Mother
 . . . uh huh, right)!

But I have to admit, even with the cold, the splinters left over from digging in the bark without my gloves, & constantly telling Will to stay out of the street, the flowers look beautimous, & I have one more thing checked off my list! This is going to be a good year - I can tell :)


  1. Beautiful flowers..adorable photos of Will!

  2. love Will's rain coat... adorable! The flowers are gorgeous... you're a trooper... i would totally punk out if i saw the rain/cold! :)

    Happy New Year!

    ps. love your new blog layout!

  3. Hey there! So, did you get a camera?? Your photos are looking amazing... I love looking at them.


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