Sunday, December 19, 2010

Temple Trip - 16 Nov

Wow - I really need to get caught up on my blogging!

Last month, Will & I took a little fieldtrip to the temple. We had so much fun exploring the grounds - smelling the flowers, climbing through bushes & in trees, splashing in the water . . .

The temple is such a beautiful & peaceful place - I'm always reminded of that when I go to visit.

I love that I was able to capture the bee shooting out of the lavendar.


Will's favorite temple pastime - playing in the fountain & trying to find fish in it.
Sorry kid, you won't find those here.


  1. Beautiful photos of the Temple! I also love the last photo of Will...super cute!

  2. Oh, doesn't that hair sticking up in back say a lot? Beautiful pictures Liz. Beautiful subjects!

  3. Wow Liz! I want to blow some of those pictures up & hang them on my wall!
    You have a good eye for capturing beauty!
    And Will has the sweetest face ever...I know I always tell you that, but it's true!

  4. Did you get a new camera or is this one the Rebel still? either way, you're getting the most stunning pics ever!! And that Will is so cute, i just want to eat him up!


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