Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Celebrating with a Cake - Finally!

Last night, we had some of our great friends over for a late birthday-cake party, since we never got around to having one for Will.

Carson: Andrew & Tiffani's little boy

Mia, Hailey, & Jake's legs: Jim & Shana's kids

blowing out the candles w/ some help from dad

We picked up an ice cream cake from Safeway on Saturday (Will's actual birthday) & stored it in the freezer until we were ready to celebrate with some of Will's buddies.

Thanks for coming everyone. We're so blessed to have such incredible friends!

(Sidenote: I'm really ready for a new camera - it's not the same using my camera after having my mom's nice one for so long!)


  1. sorry we couldn't make it this time!! Next time for sure:) That cake looks super good!!

  2. Man, I can't believe how big our guys are getting! The cake was delicious and I like the new blog background.


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