Friday, October 22, 2010

22 October - In-Your-Face Play Date

Today, Will had his friend McKay come over to play for a little bit. They had a great time "sharing" the balls for the basketball hoop & playing bumper cars (on Will's part) racing each other on their "cars."

I really need to get Will around other kids more often. He just does not understand that it's not okay to hit, kick, step on . . . . Poor McKay hid behind the couch for part of the time because he didn't know how to handle Will's energy - Will would not leave him alone. I'm not saying Will was mean to him, he just wouldn't give him any space - while McKay hid behind the sofa, Will leaned over the back of it, talking up a storm & laughing hysterically, or Will would follow McKay around with his toys & practically sit on him, just so he could be closer. All in all, it was a great time, & I hope McKay will still want to come back & play some more! I swear Will's really sweet - please don't be intimidated by his neverending supply of in-your-face fun!


  1. Conner is EXACTLY the same way, except I blame his older brothers for teaching him to rough house!

  2. It looks like they had so much fun together. I need Max to play with kids more just because he is so shy. He like to watch instead of playing

  3. haha! i love it! Will sounds like a VERY typical little boy with limitless energy! Love the little guy


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