Monday, July 12, 2010

12 July - swim lessons

Today was Will's first swim lesson! He loved being in the water from the very beginning.

It was his turn to spend some one-on-one time with one of the instructors, but he panicked & started to scream & reach for me (he's really struggling with separation anxiety right now). 

It took some comforting, but he finally calmed down. He eventually unlatched his legs from around my waist, so we could practice blowing bubbles & kicking again (blowing bubbles was more like Will laughing at me while I showed him how to do it, & when it was his turn to try, he just drank the water).

Will's favorite part, of course, was throwing & chasing after balls. He finally warmed up to the instructors by playing catch with them, & while chasing after the balls, he dunked/fell into the water about 3 or 4 times (I was shocked he didn't cry). Will loved his swimming time, & we're excited to head back tomorrow for round 2!


  1. looks fun!! so glad you signed him up!! Is he in the guppie & turtle class & have a teacher with blonde hair and lots of freckles?? Megan maybe?? If so, that's who claire had too:)

  2. That's great. I'm sure Will will be doing the back stroke and summer salts before you know it.

  3. that's so cool! i am wishing this area had swimming lessons for kids... i know, it's lame we don't have ANY! Will looks adorable in the water-- and i love your swim suit!!

  4. He's a water baby already!! I can't believe how big he looks! When are you coming out here - I can't wait to see him again in real life:)

    Ps I'm in LOVE with the hunger games too! When we went to St. Louis I read the 1st book in one day, then the next day, Amy read it all in one day too! I've heard book2 is such a cliff hanger, I'm not even going to read it until book 3 comes out!

  5. Aww, we should have signed up for these together! Looks like he had as much fun as Ryan did (his favorite part was also playing with the toys). Gotta love these boys!

  6. so cute!!! looks like he likes it!


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