Thursday, April 1, 2010

24 March - New Moon Party!

Last Wednesday, my friend - Shana - & I threw a New Moon Party! We were so happy to realize that we weren't alone in loving super cheesy themed parties.  She got to my house early the morning of the party, & we spent over six hours getting things ready for that night! Everything was red, white, & black: the decorations, the food. 

We hung red "curtains" (really cheap plastic tablecloths that looked like fruit leather) to lead to the feast (looks just like Volterra, right? haha).
We also had a surprise visitor - who other than Jacob Black! Edward couldn't be in the picture - he was too busy giving the guests piggyback rides through the nearby woods :)

me & Shana - go Team Jacob!

the setup: we had tons of popcorn: regular & kettle corn, candy, red velvet & chocolate cupcakes, jam thumbprint & chocolate cookies, red punch, crackers w/ cream cheese & raspberry/chipotle sauce, chocolate covered strawberries - the food was seriously so good! I was literally shaky the next day from all the sugar I had (especially since I couldn't stop eating all the leftovers). 

Connie brought beautiful Calla Lilies from her yard to add to the decor. They were gorgeous!

Shana is so talented at decorating food - the berries looked like they were professionally done. And her cupcakes were incredible - and I'm usually not much of a cupcake person. 

It was so fun to have so many ladies over for our "cheese fest" (as Shana calls it). Who would have thought married women, all with children, would be waving "Book Edward" "Movie Jacob" banners throughout the movie (Laurie, you're hilarious!), & cheesily swooning over a vampire & werewolf! Haha - it was such a blast! Thanks for coming ladies!


  1. Looks like a fabulous party! You and Shana could be event planners! I was sad that I could not attend.

  2. Sounds like you all had a great time. I can't wait till this summer when the next one's out in theatres.

  3. Loved every minute of it - bring on the cheese! You guys did a great job :)

  4. It was a fantastic party!! Love the cupcakes shot... pretty!!!!


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