Friday, April 16, 2010

15 April - lunch w/ Uncle Rick & Aunt Betsy

Last week, Uncle Rick & Aunt Betsy (my mom's sister) came out to visit the family in California. One of the days they were here, Will & I drove with my mom to meet them in St. Helena for lunch - there's nothing quite like Taylor's Refresher (I guess they've just recently changed the name to Gotts Curbside, but it will always be Taylor's to me)! We ordered fish tacos, sweet potato fries, & milkshakes. The weather was beautiful & the food was great, as usual.

Uncle Rick & Will waiting in line to order food.

my mom, William, & Betsy (I'm so proud to be named after her - she's one incredible lady!)

Will loved the milkshake, & I don't blame him!

Rick & Betsy

One thing I love about this restaurant is that you get to sit at a picnic table in the middle of a grassy lawn to eat. It's so casual & family friendly. When Will was done eating, we let him down to run around in the grass & make friends with some other kids who were still waiting for their food to arrive. It was really funny & surprising to see him take charge of the group, even though the other kids were 3, 5, & 7 years old. He's was most definitely the ring leader, & he knew it.

If anyone is ever up for the drive to Taylor's, just let me know! I'm always game.


  1. Poor little Wills face still looks awful!

  2. Great photos of my inlaws!!! I love them, they're just so awesome!!!

    I got lucky and married into the best family in the world-- (ahem, FavoriteCousinLiz) :)

  3. Aaww I totally feel for Will and his face. The same thing happened to Kamryn when she fell in nursery. I will warn you sometimes I swear I can still see a bruise on her cheek and it has been 3 years since it happened!

  4. Pick me, pick me! Once I get a van we'll have to go.


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