Sunday, February 14, 2010

11 February - Napa & Taylor's Refresher

On Thursday, Will & I went to Napa with my mom & two grandmothers. Our purpose for going there - Taylor's Refresher!
They seriously have some of the best fish tacos, sweet potato fries, & milkshakes, my favorite being the Black & White (chocolate made w/ vanilla ice cream & chocolate syrup).
Because of the cooler weather, there was a plastic tent set up in the grass w/ heaters blowing in warm air.
Will's favorite thing to do while at Taylor's - he ran around & climbed on top of benches of both empty & occupied tables.  My mom & I tried to keep him corralled to the empty ones.

The yummy food - fish tacos, sweet potato fries, & a Black & White

Will wasn't feeling very well, but was quite content eating pieces of ice & launching fries & grilled cheese over my head onto the grass.

Sammie, my mom, Will, me & Grandma Aileen

Before heading home, we stopped on the side of the street to take a few pictures of a vineyard overgrown w/ mustard weed. Napa is such a beautiful place - I only wish I could capture the beauty of it better!


  1. you gotta be kidding me.... i'm CRAVING fish tacos, sweet potato fries and a black and white now!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, that's it, next time we're there... Taylor's Refresher it is... no question!

    ps. holy moses, your pics are fantastic!!!!!! keep it up, Liz!!!

  2. Beautiful photos...I love going to Napa! I will have to give that place a try, I am always up for great fish tacos! Will looked so cute climbing on the table...I love his big eyes!

  3. That sounds so good right now. Wow, I forget how pretty it is there. I miss trees and green. Arizona does not have that

  4. That looks incredible! Will you email me your address? Kristanner(at)gmail(dot)com


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