Thursday, November 26, 2009


My mom has always gone all out for Thanksgiving, with so many different dishes, you can hardly fit samplings of everything on one plate: turkey, mashed potatoes, candied yams, pineapple & cheese, jell-o salad, carrots & cauliflower, pomegranate salad, green salad, crescent rolls, & stuffing. And of course for dessert, she makes so many different kinds of pie: raselberry, pumpkin, apple, chocolate, coconut, banana, & then bread pudding by special request.

Raselberry Pie in the making

The table's all set

Dennis & Gail came up for the celebration.

My dad carved the turkey.

Will fed his cousin, Carter, in the high chair.

Will standing on his toes, so he can "politely" shove bread in Carter's mouth.

Bev & Gail making the salad

Apple & Raselberry Pies

Two Grandmas = a lot of LOVE

Scott had to work a 48-hour shift the 2 days before Thanksgiving.  He was exhausted when he got home.

Trying to force-feed Will some turkey. I think he's going to be a picky eater.

Will is officially walking.

After dinner, we took a break down by the trampoline. My dad opted for the cement slide rather than taking the stairs down.

It was so much fun watching Will jump on his knees & walk on the tramp - he had really great balance!

Learning to give Carter a high five

Jumping with Mama

Will loves the swing.

Aren't the leaves beautiful?

2nd go-around of dinner

Dennis w/ his picture-taking.

My brother, Brad, has a thing about forcing his kids to learn their abs at a young age. Wes was very serious about keeping his body straight.

Showing Rachel the beautiful new fabrics I bought for one of my next projects.

Nothing says "fun" like a napkin.

Wes & Rach

Cole, Drew, & Sammie wrestled with Scott while he watched football.

Dessert time: Mmm Mmm Good!

All bathed & ready for bed in new Christmas jammies from Nana.


  1. cute the ones of you and will:)

  2. Oh man...Thanksgiving at the Edgrens'. My mouth is watering from those pictures!

  3. Love the looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! Will looks so cute walking! That cement slide looks like reminds me of the Alpine Slides in Park City Utah.

  4. Oh my! Martha's thanksgiving pies...hmmm.... looks so good!

  5. Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving. Miss you all and looking forward to seeing you at Christmas. Give Will a hug for me.
    love you all very much
    Grandma Aileen

  6. Love the pictures. So cute. I miss having Thanksgiving at your parents. It is always such good food and the pies well are always amazing.

  7. Looks and sounds like you all had a great thanksgiving! That is one thing I do miss with living in Utah... :(

  8. WOW!! What a fun Thanksgiving! The food looks so yummy! Sure it was wonderful-you have so many good cooks there, especially Martha. I didn't get one pie done-not even one. (Just as well as I am not a very good cook!) We had Thanksgiving Wednesday night as Dusty and Morgan had to leave for Las Vegas for a soccer tournament. Love all the pictures. Will is so cute. Love the one of your dad going down the cement slide. Actually I love your dad. He has been a very good brother to me all these many years. Grandma Aileen is so anxious to see you all, especially Will. She loves looking at the pictures. We use a flashlight so she can see them. Glad Scott is enjoying school. We know-it's a lot of work.
    Love you all


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