Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Anniversary Celebration

Saturday evening, Scott & I went out to celebrate our anniversary.  It was the most romantic date we've had since our 1st anniversary.  We went to Piatti where they printed our names on the menu & seated us by the fire. We didn't even have to talk much - it was just wonderful to be together, eating a great meal!

Not a great picture of the menu, but it was the best I could manage.

Scott ordered the same cake we had for our wedding & brought it to the restaurant for our dessert.

Love you babe!


  1. love the photos....i love your dress liz...you look super hot:) Let me guess...anthro?!?

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!!!

    first off, great date (Touche on the cake, Scott!!)

    and most importantly... that dress makes me giddy, it's AMAZING!!! I love love love it, you look fabulous!!!!!!

  3. Happy anniversary you crazy kids!

  4. Is that a Katrina Rozelle cake? Lol -- my mom buys them EVERY year for Christmas.

  5. so cute! oh, and i LOVE the dress too! So cute!


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