Saturday, October 31, 2009


For Halloween this year, Will & I went to my brother Steven's house, so Will could trick-or-treat with his cousins.

On the way there, I came across these deer (I really wish I'd had my "zoom-in-better" lens to get more detail - I don't know the correct term for the lens, & I'm an amateur, so the name I came up with will have to do).

Lily couldn't resist the fun dip before we even got started with the trick-or-treating.

Steven carried Will to give my arms a break (it was still a little warm out to put Will in his lion costume).

Lily Bug, Timmy, Will & me, Zach

Zach adores Will

Not so sure about being in the stroller while everyone else is running around.

Attempting to take a picture of Will w/ a too-big-camera while holding him.

Will had such a great time - he loves his cousins, & he scored big time with the candy, which translates to: I scored big with the candy.


  1. All the kids looked adorable! Will is so lucky to have so many cousins that live close to him.

  2. Will's costume is the cutest I have EVER seen!!! Aw! You look beautiful as always! :)

  3. So FUN!!! So cute!!! That was always my favorite about Halloween was trick-or-treating with the cousins! Made it so much more fun!

    PS: Love your header!

  4. yes, i also scored big time with the candy...uh, i mean my kids did!


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