Thursday, September 24, 2009

Which One?

I'm trying to figure out which pattern to follow for my next quilt - which one do you like the best?

Here are the fabrics I will be using (if that possibly helps you visualize).

If I do this one, I'll make the squares/diamonds in between each octagon white, so that the octagons & fabrics pop out more.

I love this quilt, but it would require two pieces to make up each hexagon instead of one like in the quilt above. The only reason this would even matter is because my fabrics have larger scale prints on them & they might get cut up too much in this pattern.

I love the way that white looks in quilts.  I imagine I will have enough scraps left over from the hexagon/octagon quilt to make one like this after.

So really, what do you think? Which one catches your eye? - b/c I can't make a decision.


  1. The first one I didn't realize there was smaller squares inbetween the octagons.... and the second one is just busy to me... so I'm not good to ask... cause I like the last one the best! :D must be an edgren thing that we can't decide!!! <3

  2. The last one being the 3rd quilt...

  3. White! I think I've seen that one before. I've started looking at your quilting blogs. Cute hair, by the way.

  4. love the first one.
    btw- for your black and white bag, what about a deep orange? I've been sort of obsessed with orange lately.

  5. love the first one as long as you add in the white in between to make the fabrics pop....otherwise it would be too busy:) you know me & it!

  6. Kathy and Martha in Kyoto like the first quilt with these fabrics but think that you better start Sandies.


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