Monday, September 21, 2009

So Much To Play With

My mom keeps the house stocked with goodies for William to play with.  He loves the Jack in the Box, & since he can't figure out how to push Jack back into the box, he points his finger & "orders" him to go back inside.  Sadly for Will, Jack just doesn't know how to listen.

The keys kept Will's interest for a short amount of time - he was quickly diverted when he discovered a ball - his absolute favorite toy (it must be, since he constantly rolls them around the house until exhausted. He literally lays out on the floor, takes a few panting breaths, & then continues the chase.  He's even started crying before because he was so tired from chasing the ball, but he just couldn't stop following it around. He loves them that much. Plus it was his first official word - mama doesn't count since he didn't know what it meant - it was just a bunch of jibberish.)

Loving the balls . . . again.  I love it when the balls roll under the sofa, not because I then have to climb down & very uncomfortably salvage them from the abyss that is the under side of the sofa, but because I love when he crouches down & peeks with me, trying to figure out where they disappeared to.  He has now learned to always check under anything for goodies that may be hiding.


  1. He is so cute and I love to hear that another little boy loves balls!

  2. Okay, that robot shirt? Amazing.

  3. How did you change your blog address? I've been wondering about that for a while, you know since mine still says Emily Haycock and all...but then I worry I'll lose all my cool posts from like two years ago.

    Will is so cute. He looks so much like Drew, mixed with a little Emma. Creepy that I know all your nieces and nephews, isn't it?


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