Saturday, August 8, 2009

Shark Cupcakes?

Brandon, Spencer, Chase, & Kailee came down to visit this week. Before heading down to Nana & Papa's, they stayed at our house for the last 4 days. We watched movies every night, played Mario Kart & Super Smash Brothers, went bowling a few times, went out for frozen yogurt at Big Spoon, went swimming at the aquatic center, ate at Costa Vida, & made an Octopus lemon cake w/ vanilla shark cupcakes to go with it. I didn't get any pictures of our time together except for the Shark cupcake extravaganza.
Chase is the chef of the Rich-&-Becky family, so he made the vanilla cupcakes. While Chase frosted the cupcakes, Brandon & I attempted to cut Twinkies, so they would look like sharks coming out of the cupcakes. My "Twinkie Shark" was a total failure (I didn't even frost the whole thing, & I had to prop it against the Twinkie box to stop it from falling over). Brandon had much more success with his. We didn't realize until after we'd gotten this far -->
that we were supposed to freeze the Twinkies onto the cupcake before frosting anything (so they'd actually be firm enough to frost), & that we were then supposed to melt the frosting & dip our shark into it, so it would come out smooth. After all of this, we were then supposed to frost the cupcake, so that it looked like the shark was coming out of the water & not melting into it.
We gave up on decorating after my failure & Brandon's semi-success (we'll try again another time)
Chase hates Twinkies, but felt like he needed to taste his creation:
Did you know that "beef fat" is listed as an ingredient in Twinkies? I didn't either. Though I'm not completely surprised, actually reading it instead of hearing rumors made it very difficult to swallow my Twinkie bite.
And it didn't make it any easier for Chase either:


  1. Hahahahaha . . . that's hilarious! Poor Chase, trying to gag down his twinkie. I wish I could have been there - it looks like you guys had so much fun. And you've inspired me to read all directions carefully before attempting to make Anna's 16 layer cake.

  2. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! what a fun idea though... i'm definitely not that creative! Rich and Becki's kids are so sweet... what a great family!

    ps. I cannot wait to see Susan's cake... CANNOT WAIT!!! It's gonna be epic!

  3. Very creative! I think they still look great and I am glad that I don't think I have ever eaten a twinkie!

  4. Beef fat?!? Gross!

    Your cupcake attempt is really cute though!


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