Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Boy & Visitors

Every time I try taking pictures of William, he starts straight for the camera - he was playing drums on his overturned bucket, but the camera was suddenly much more interesting:
Reading "Brown Bear, Brown Bear"
Eating his bunny rattle:
Pulling ladders:
Dennis & Gail dropped by for a few days before heading up to Oregon. Will loved playing "Pat a cake" with Grandma (he's totally concentrating on her hands trying to figure out what to do).
Playing with Grandpa's razor - "What's this for?"
This is one of my new favorite pictures. Scott just adores his son, & I love the look on Will's face:

Splashing in the sink - he soaks everything. There were puddles all over the floor & counters, & even standing across the kitchen, you still get splashed (and I don't mean just a little). William LOVES splashing in the water, & nothing slows him down, not even water in the eyes:
We went for a walk, & for some reason, William had the stroller strap in his mouth the entire time (maybe he likes the texture?). He looked like a dog taking himself for a walk:
with Grandpa Dennis & Grandma Gail (sorry for the closed eyes). We love you guys & are so glad you could come visit. Please come again soon:


  1. I love the photos of Will playing in the water. He is such a happy boy.

  2. Max does the same thing with the stoller strap. He always puts it in is mouth. Well he puts everything in his mouth. I am in Danville right now, but i think you are coming to Danville sometime during this coming weekend. I think. Ill call you

  3. William is just so dang cute! I still can't believe how big he is getting.


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