Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Visiting Home

Last week, we travelled to my parents' home to spend a few days with family.
Swimming in the pool - Will couldn't get enough of the water. His legs were kicking before he even got in.At my nephew, Cole's, baseball game - nothing like Little League in the rain:At the park with Susan & her family: Anna is so good with kids:Anna & Matt pushing Leah & WillVisiting w/ Great Grandma Aileen who's finally back from Utah (she hadn't met Will until recently):


  1. how fun! Will is getting BIG! I love the picture of him in his hoodie, he's too cute!!! Matt and Anna are two of the BEST cousins (second cousins for me?) out there, they are so sweet with everyone!!

  2. Love that last pic of Will and Grandma! SO cute!


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