Friday, May 22, 2009

Trip to Mexico (a month ago)

Scott & I got a new computer a few weeks ago, & we've been trying to get all of our files organized (my excuse for not posting this earlier).
Last month - at the same time the Swine flu scare started, Scott, William, & I took off for Mexico with my parents, my brother & his wife (Steven & Amy), & my sister & her baby (Susan & Leah - unfortunately the rest of my brothers & sisters couldn't make it). We spent a leisurely week at a house my family's been going to for years in Nuevo Vallarta - we swam in the pool, read, walked on the beach (which had too many dead fish for my liking, as well as little crabs that kept jumping out of their holes in the sand & scaring the pee out of us girls), went to the shopping center down the street to eat gelato, sandwiches, & yogurt smoothies . . . we had a wonderful week.
Sitting in the kiddy pool with William - the water was so warm, & William loved splashing & trying to grab the bubbles he made (clarification: the bubbles were from the splashing, not from passing gas). Observing how to play in the water - he caught on really fast.Leah joining in on the fun:Relaxing at night - the house is right on the beach, so you can hear the waves crashing all the time - it was so peaceful.Resting:Steven relaxing in the shade:Will really started liking food on this trip thanks to his Nana's persistence in feeding him.Drunk on sweet potato puree - yummy:Scott w/ Leah - she already looks like a mischievous little girl - she is so high energy & a total crack up:Leah is 3 weeks older than Will & was already crawling:

My boys: We ate amazing food at the house during our stay (scrambled eggs in corn tortillas w/ pico de gallo & guac, mango w/ key lime squeezed on the top, chicken tacos w/ more salsa & guac for dinner, mango yogurt w/ bananas sliced up in it . . .the food was SO good). We also went out to some really good restaurants.
Steven & Amy at Los Pioneros where we ate some great fajitas:Susan, Leah, & my dadTrying to keep Will happy in the restaurant:Steven & Scott went kayaking in the ocean: It's amazing to me that w/ how our world is now, my brother & husband couldn't go anywhere together without worrying about people assuming they were gay. They went for a run one morning & some Mexican construction workers talked about them being gay, not realizing that my brother's fluent in Spanish & understood everything they said. I wouldn't have been surprised if people assumed they were gay when they went kayaking as well.Hot & sweaty - no need for clothes when taking his nap:Scott, however, kept his clothes on:

We spent one day in Sayulita & Punta Mita - William's chugging down his milk to stay hydrated while we're walking around the small Santa Cruz-like-town:Napping in the restaurant we ate at on a private beach in Punta Mita: It was so beautiful, & the food was incredible!
At the Punta Mita house where my parents have an investment property:Steven & Scott went to a fire station in Punta Mita - Steven went along as the translator. Apparently it's very common to exchange fire fighter shirts with people from around the world, so Scott exchanged 3 of his shirts for 3 different Mexico firefighter shirts.William was playing with his toys, & he wouldn't look up at me: I finally said his name, & he looked up with the sweetest smile - I love that he recognizes his name & is so happy when he hears it:
My mom & dad

Getting ready to leave Mexico - my mom managed to take one last picture of us on our last day in Nuevo Vallarta before my battery completely died: We had such a wonderful trip - the Swine flu craziness was totally over hyped, & we all got home flu free & a little bit tanner than we had been before.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!! I'm living vicariously through you RIGHT NOW!! Mexico looks like HEAVEN... heck I'd take the swine flu three times just to spend a week there... it's so beautiful!! You guys went with an awesome group too- so much fun! I cracked up about the two guys and the gay mixups.. hilarious!!

    Liz, you're looking fabulous!!!

  2. i meant technically...that's great. i am a teacher and i can't spell!!

  3. looks like you guys had so much fun!!! thanks again for the bracelet and the nacho libre mask...we love both of them (well techically, i love the bracelet more than the mask:)

  4. Ooh, lucky you! It looks beautiful AND I'll bet you had it mostly to yourself thanks to the flu.

  5. Awesome pictures. I will be stealing some of those for my blog.

    It's a good thing Nana got Will to eat. He looks like he's just wasting away, poor thing.

  6. It looks like you guys had tons of fun. Will is so cute. He is getting so much bigger since I have seen him last. I am glad that you guys didn't get sick. Hope everything is going well with you guys.

  7. yeah for photos...I think the Circles should go there sometime, it looks beautiful-you guys don't look too shabby yourselves!

  8. Looks like you guys had a fabulous time. I LOVE that picture of him smiling when he looked up when you called his name... isn't that just the best? When they look up at you and give you that awesome huge smile? I just love it.

  9. CUTE pictures!!!! Looks and sounds like you all had a great time!


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