Friday, January 30, 2009

The Ranch

We took a day trip to "The Ranch" today with my family (my brother is a part owner of this place near Cool - at least for the next few weeks since some guy from England bought the place).
Here's a distant picture of the home from the lake (which is part of the property - it's a huge lot (1300 acres?)).
View of the lake: It's not a huge lake, but it's big enough to ride jet skis on.The family room/entry to the house - huge windows w/ an amazing view.
The entry & part of the kitchen:
Scott preparing to fish:
Just chillin' Taking a nap in naturePeacefully wrapped up in mom's fleece:
Eyes opening:Awake & Happy:
Nana & Scott talking to a smiley Will
My dad & Brad were the first to go for a ride:Steven waiting for his turn on the motorcycleRiding up to the house on the MuleWe had to make it home from the Ranch on time for a dinner party with some friends. I made egg rolls (Scott did the frying), & we also had stir fry, rice, & a yummy brownie/cookie dessert.After the party: Will's playing with all of his favorite toys.He also learned a new trick that night: lifting his legs up really high in the air - he'll be reaching for his feet & sucking on his toes soon enough.


  1. What a beautiful Ranch...I love the views. Will is so cute I love the picture of Will lifting his legs really high in the air...he looks so proud of himself. This is such a fun age, enjoy it goes very quickly.

  2. That ranch is so beautiful. Too bad that was your first and last trip there.

  3. The 'lot' is 1300+ acres! Yes, it was probably the prettiest and most peaceful place I've ever been - even with motorcycle crazies all around me. That's just the cutest baby ever!

  4. That looks like soooo much fun!!! Lucky. Are you going to be so sad that you don't have access to it soon? What a beautiful place!!!

  5. Looks like a ton of fun!!! Love all the pictures!

  6. Hey Liz...
    William is SO cute, I know I've told you that, but it doesn't hurt to say it again, right?
    Anyway, if you send me your e-mail I'll invite you to my famliy blog (
    if you care to see it of course!
    Beautiful ranch by the way!

  7. What a beautiful view! Jim says the furniture looks nice too.... Ha Ha... Looks like you had a great time!


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