Sunday, December 28, 2008

William & Leah in their blessing outfits

Scott & I drove down to Danville today yet again, so we could attend cousin Leah's baby blessing. Later tonight, we got Leah & William dressed up in their blessing outfits & had a photo shoot. Of course Will was sleeping the whole time & Leah was wide awake & all smiles.

Little angels: William & Leah
Of course Will woke up after his cousin left.
Mother & Son


  1. Oh those kids are SO CUTE together... I love those outfits- little angels!!!!! You are just stunning too, Liz, you dress sooo great (please, don't tell me Anthropologie or I'll die of envy!)

  2. Cute pictures! Will looks so handsome! He is a cutie for sure;) You look great too, Liz!

  3. He is a stud already! His eyes are going to be to die for!

  4. Will is making me a little more excited to have a boy!


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