Sunday, December 21, 2008

William's Blessing

Today was William's baby blessing. Family & friends traveled from Missouri, Utah, Bakersfield, Tehachapi, & Danville. We also had the support of our amazing friends that we've made here.

William with his great-grandmother, Sammie (my mom's mother). She purchased William's blessing outfit (through my sister's online store) as a gift. Thank you so much Sammie! He looked adorable, & the outfit was so sweet.Those who participated in William's blessing - My brothers Brad & Steven, Dwight, my dad, Scott, & Dennis. Our friends, Andrew, Josh, & Jonathan, as well as Bishop Paulsen, also assisted with the blessing (but unfortunately weren't there for the picture). William & his daddyOur happy familyWilliam with his blessing cap on - I thought it would look dorky, but once it was on, I thought it was so cute.After changing out of his blessing outfit: We tried propping William up on a pillow to take some pictures, but he was so fascinated by all the bright colors on the blanket, that he didn't want to look up. Notice his crossed eyes - he loves looking at those firetrucks & police cars.
Sweet boy.


  1. How great that you had so much of the family there! Wish we could've been there too-- William looks SO cute in his outfit and I love his cap, what a darling!!

  2. I wish I could of been at Will"s blessing. He looks so beautiful. Happy Birthday to Liz and Scott.
    Love you all

  3. How wonderful to have so much family there for Will's blessing. You all look wonderful. Please give Sammie a hug from us here in Utah. We love her. Happy Birthday to Scott and Liz. Morgan's was yesterday but everyone was to tired to celebrate. We will next week.
    Much Love

  4. Will looks so cute in his little blessing outfit. You guys have a very cute little boy. He looks like he has grown since I have seen him.


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