Friday, December 12, 2008

Photos of the last few weeks

Gail giving William a bath: Dennis & Gail stayed w/ us for a week after Thanksgiving, so they could help take care of Will (& help w/ the waterfall) after my 2nd round of Mastitis Home from a walk w/ Grandma & Grandpa: William loves spending time outside. Seriously mom? Why am I dressed like a lumberjack?I went to Danville last weekend for a friend's bridal shower. We got to spend time w/ Nana & Papa & Sammie.William & Kathy (Caitlin's mom) finally got to meet - he loved snuggling w/ her.
Finally sleeping after fussy time. He was passed around from me to Nana to Papa & finally to Sammie - she had the magic touch. On Wednesday, Scott, Will, & I went to Danville to meet up w/ my best friend, Caitlin, who was visiting the Bay area for a couple days. Will loved meeting his Aunt/Godmother Caity. Playing w/ his new friend - a butterfly that hardly ever fails to entertain him. Thanks for the early Christmas present Grandma & Grandpa: Will loves his new toy!


  1. That smile is priceless. Don't you just live to see it? I love the pictures. Keep them coming!

  2. He is so darling! I love the photo of him playing with the butterfly. His smile lights up his whole face.

  3. i love these pictures. the last one is SO darling. I loved meeting my godson! I'm going to steal your picture cause mine didn't turn out very well! Love you.

  4. 5 more days! It's too long!!!

    I can hardly wait to see that little guy. I'm praying my cold is gone by then so I can snuggle his little fat neck.

  5. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Oh William is getting so big and how adorable can one little boy get!?! That's awesome that you got to visit with so many friends and family (especially Sammie... lucky!) We love you!

  6. Such cute pictures. Will is so cute. I am looking forward to seeing Will and you and Scott. We saw Susan and Leah last week. It was so fun and Leah is so cute. Miss you all,
    Love Grandma

  7. Really enjoy the pictures. Will is so cute. Seeing the picture of Sammie makes me really miss her. She has always been so good to Bob and me and our kids. Bob and I had so much with her in Mexico, and really love her.
    Grandma Aileen is really anxious to see Will. She talks a lot about you and Dani and the fun times she had with you both shopping at the mall and watching you guys have fun. She miss you all and loves you lots.
    Much Love, Jayne


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