Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I got tagged

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
* Took care of William
* Played "Sorry" & "Yahtzee" w/ Emily & Aaron
* Watched "Deal or No Deal" w/ Scott
* Got frustrated w/ my ridiculous neighbor
* Tried uploading pictures to Costco
* Had the missionaries over
* Ate sandwiches that Scott made me
* Debated over & over whether or not to keep nursing

8 Things I Look Forward to:
* Christmas (Susan & her family are coming out, & I can't wait to meet Leah!)
* Seeing Caitlin tomorrow
* William's baby blessing (Dec. 21)
* Decorating our Christmas tree
* Ugly Sweater party
* Looking at Christmas lights w/ the Morgans
* Going to the temple to look at more Christmas lights
*Watching Christmas movies

8 Restaurants I Like: (just 8?)
* BJ's
* Pei Wei
* Cheesecake Factory
* Fuddrucker's
* Boudin's
* First Awakenings
* Great Impasta

8 Things On My Wish List:
* Time to just sit and watch unlimited movies & read the books on my ''to read" list
* Have Caitlin help me decorate my house (& have it in the budget to do so)
* My family & friends to be healthy & happy
* Get back on a schedule, so I can be more productive
* Finish my family photo wall
* Finish my quilts I've been working on (or not) for over a year
* Be able to dance again (why don't they offer dance classes for adults besides ballroom & tap?)
* Have the confidence to sing

8 Favorite TV Shows: (or movies b/c I don't watch much TV)
* Friends
* I Love Lucy
* House
* Pride & Prejudice
* Finding Neverland
* August Rush
* Harry Potter series
* My Fair Lady


  1. Whatever an Ugly Sweater Party is, I like it-- considering I have an abundance of ugly sweaters (and pants, and shirts, and skirts....)

    And I'm fairly saddened that you don't have Zachery's on your restaurants list, even though you live in "AWESOME RESTAURANT MECCA"!!

  2. Hey Liz. Lisa and I were hoping to visit teach you this coming Sunday (the 14th) at 11:45 or 10:15. Let me know if that is ok. We won't be bringing kids along, probably for the next few months... its not worth getting little babies, or mommies, sick.
    So to be in the safe side we are going to try and visit when our husbands are both home.

    I can't believe how big he is already getting. I love the pic of him asleep kind of sprawled out on someone. Those are my favorite, sound asleep in a cute position.

    Way cool waterfall... way to go Scott! That would look great in our backyard! :)


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